Here we have grouped together notes and questions to help you with home learning revision.


Here are the revision notes we have been discussing in class as your practice exam style questions . . . hope they help.

H Revision Skills 2016 1     H Revision Skills 2016 2     H Revision Skills 2016 3     H Revision Skills 2016 4

Over the next few weeks of revision we will be studying Straight Line and Vectors to start with so here are the lesson starters we will be using including those topics and a mixture of all others . . . 

H Exam Starters 2016

H Exam Starters 2016 set 2

H Exam Starters 2016 set 3

Below are our summaries of the topics from our revision class . . . maybe enough to trigger you memory when practicing exam questions!!

H Exam Revision Notes

and this link is a copy of the study notes for the complete course (hand written one from P.Smith)

Maths H Study Notes

AND . . . . . here are our REDAMBERGREEN revision materials we will be using in class – why not finish the questions you did not get to in class

Calculus Red Amber Green

Straight Line & Vectors Red Amber Green

Poly. Quadratics & Circles Red Amber Green

Trig Red Amber Green

Logs Exps Functions and RR Red Amber Green

Check out the above link from our colleagues at Millburn Academy – this is a superb source of past papers as well as much more



Here are the SQA speciman papers for New Higher



and here are the exemplar papers from SQA to help with revision for Higher.

Mathematics Paper1 EQPH

Mathematics Paper2 EQPH


Summary of Topics

These are exam questions grouped into topics for you practice!

1 H Vectors Revision

2 H Lines and Circles

3 H Functions and Graphs

4 H Differentiation and Integration

5 H Trig

6 H Polynomials and Quadratics



Higher –Revision

Our good friends at Currie High School in Edinburgh have shared a few resources to help with revision.

First we have a check list you can use (only a single page) and you can tick off the topics as you study and understand them. Remember the ones you can’t tick off come and ask for help!!

higher exam content

Next we have 3 sets of notes that friends or family can use to help you check you have understood some of the work needed for Higher (or you can use it to help you study like the page above).

help with H maths unit 1

help with H maths unit 2

help with H maths unit 3

And . . .  lastly Currie shared a collection of mind maps to help you remember the methods and facts for a topic – see if these help you if you like using mind maps!

Unit 1

straight line

functions  and  graphs



Unit 2

polynomials  and  quadratic function


Trig graphs  and  compound angle

The Circle

Unit 3

further calculus


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