“What I can do…”

“What I can do…” – National 4

For each of Topic in the National 4 Mathematics course it is our aim as a department is to provide you with “What I can do in maths” – statements that should remind you of the skills you need to know and be able to do to be successful in each topic.

We have attached them to this page and we it helps you studying for your assessments throughout the year.

These go hand-in-hand with the Homeworks and there you will find questions to help you improve on each of the types of questions you could be asked in National 4.

Remember to ask for help at home, from friends or come and see your teacher!

What I can do in Mathematics – National 4

“What I can bank…” National 4

This is designed as a revision tool for you to practice skills and then tick them off when you know you can do them – you bank the skills!

What I can bank in Maths – N4