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Homework – National 5

We have now separated the homeworks into individual exercises not only to help you but help staff set you homework.

Remember the answers are here too for you to check your work. Please use them and make sure if you are not getting the correct answer you come and ask us for help!!

Thanks to our colleagues at sptamaths.co.uk for the topic homeworks below . . . remember to look on their site for other revision material!

Mixed Topic Homework


Nat 5 Homework Mixed


Topic Homework


N5 Volume HW

N5 Change Subject HW

N5 Arcs and Sectors HW

N5 Circles Angles HW

N5 Simultaneous Equations HW

N5 Percentages HW

N5 Fractions HW

N5 Brackets HW

N5 Similar Shapes HW

N5 Factorising HW

N5 Statistics HW

N5 Gradients HW

N5 Equation of Line HW

N5 Complete the Square HW

N5 Sine and Cosine Rule HW

N5 Quadratic Graphs HW

N5 Working with Quadratic Equations HW

N5 Surds Homework

N5 Indices HW

N5 Algebraic Fractions HW

N5 Equations and Inequalities HW


Good luck everyone!