Home Learning Revision – National 5

Welcome back and Happy New Year for 2017! Below we have added some extra revision questions for you ahead of next week’s prelim. Good luck and remember to come ask for help if you need it.

prelim practice 2016-17


S4 Revision for January Prelim :-

S4 National 5 Prelim Revision

Our colleagues at Millburn Academy have added amazing notes and help on their webpage – check it out

We have a great resource produced by Mr S Welsh, a principal teacher from Glasgow, giving us all practice exam papers for National 5 maths. You can get them at the link below.

The papers are pdf files and work great on tablets and mobiles too! Answers are there also! Full worked solutions are below:-

Nat 5 Practice Paper Solutions

Below are some past papers grouped together under topic headings that you may find useful – more being added each week so keep and eye out!

1 Volume Questions

2 Change Subject

3 Simultaneous Eqns

4 Percentages and Factions

5 Sine and cosine rules

6 Quadratics

7 Straight Line

8 Algebraic Fractions

9 Vectors

10 Surds

11 Trig Equations

12 Indices

13 Quadratics 2

14 Sine Cosine Rule with Bearings

15 Revision Notes N5


Answers to Leckie and Leckie N5 Textbook from the free download section of their website:

Scroll down to National 5 Maths Student Book, click this box then click arrow to down load.

Some of the files are too large to store on the webpage – Sorry!