Ratio homework for Wednesday 31st August:                                                   Superhero Ratios

Finding Quartiles and IQR homework for Thursday 6th October:                    Quartiles & IQR

Trig and Patterns homework for Thursday 1st December:                              Trigonometry and Patterns

Circle properties homework for Tuesday 13th December:                               circle properties

Factorising homework for Wednesday 18th January:                                           Factorising homework




There are topic revision sheets below to be used in preparation for your upcoming assessment which will be Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th of November.

Please make use of these at home and any problems you have, see me in class.

Happy Studying! 🙂

S3 Revision


**I’ve started working through solutions for the revision sheets and have completed the  first two pages involving circles and arcs & sectors. Check your work with these and I will try and have the remainder of the solutions up by the weekend**

circle solutions 1 circle solutions 2  circle solutions 3  circle solutions 4

arcs & sectors 1 arcs & sectors 2 arcs & sectors 3

Scientific Notation

Powers and Roots

Pythagoras 1 Pythagoras 2

SDT solutions