Pathway 3

Pathway 3Broad General Education (S1-3)

Pathway 3 is one of our flexible learning routes through the 100% free dating online Broad General Education.

These are designed for pupils to work at the correct level and move through the BGE studying the correct topics in an order best for the learning & teaching of the maths skills involved in the Es & Os.

Pupils do move between Pathways if need be to make sure they are working at the correct level and head towards the most appropriate National Qualification for them in S4.

Pathway 3 is a route to start on the Life Skills Mathematics National Qualifications starting at LSM National 3.

S1  Pathway 3

Unit 1

Unit 2

2-03a Number 2-07a 3-07a, F, D, P
2-02a Place Value 2-03b Decimals 2-03c Bomdas 2-11a,c 3-11a Area and Volume
2-04a Integers 2-15a 3-15a Equations
2-18a 3-18a Coordinates 3-17a Angles
2-16a,b,c 2D and 3D shapes 2-19a 3-19a Symmetry
2-17a Angles 3-04a Integers
2-01a Rounding 2-09a Money 3-09a,b Budgets
  2-05a 3-05b Multiples and Factors
  2-22a 3-22a Probability
‘How are we doing?’ Assessment ‘How are we doing?’ Assessment


S2  Pathway 3

Unit 3

Unit 4

2-07b 3-07b,c F,D,P 3-08a Proportion
2-10a,b,c 3-10a Time 3-15b Formula
2-13a 3-13a Number Sequences 2-11b 3-11b Area and Volume
3-05b Prime Numbers 2-20a 3-20a Interpreting Graphs
2-17b 3-17b Bearings 3-06a Powers
2-09b,c 3-09a,b  Budgeting 2-20b 3-20b Sampling
2-21a 3-21a Displaying Data 2-12a 3-12a Famous Mathematician
2-17c,d 3-17c Enlargement and Reduction  
‘How are we doing?’ Assessment ‘How are we doing?’ Assessment


S3  Pathway 3

National 3 Preparation
3-03a/b Number 3-22a Probability
3-01a Rounding 3-21a Displaying Data
3-07a F,D,P 3-20a Int graphs
3-11a Area & Volume 3-20b Sampling
3-09a/b Budgets  



‘How are we doing?’ Assessment ‘How are we doing?’ Assessment